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Spreading the spirit of entrepreneurship – Nurturing business talents


Becoming the top brand in Nurturing Businessmen and Consulting Startup Ecosystem programs in Vietnam as well as in the region.


The Spirit of Businessmen

Creativity and Innovation

Cooperating, Associating and Community Responsibilities

Passionate, talented and courageous team members


Why choose us?


Songhan Incubator is one of the business incubators founded in Danang in early 2017, which is contributing in building up a solid network infrastructure to support Startups and Entrepreneurs, notonly in Danang, but also in the region as well as creating a wide Startup Ecosystem in the whole nation, especially in the three big cities: Hanoi, Danang and Hochiminh city.

Consulting about building up Startup Ecosystem

Consult about supporting businesses activities; framing policies, proposals of the local government and organizations.

Consult about establishing and operating business incubators (startup clubs, etc….)

Consulting for Startup projects with innovation and creativity

Consult for startup projects

Consult for SMEs for changing innovatively and creatively

Consult projects and programmes that require startups with innovation and creativity

Training Startup with Innovation and Creativity

Training according the copyright EDT programme of Zifet – Germany about Design Thinking in Vietnam

Training startup programmes and innovation both online and face to face

Acceleration programme for Startup

Cooperation programme: creating incubation process according to cooperation and association, given the priority for acceleration of ‘’seeding’’ stage

Talent pools programme: accelerating startup projects in order to commercializing projects

Community support programme: creating social projects for the community

Authorizing and Managing Investment

Co-working space areas

Investing in startups and innovative and creative SMEs



Diễn đàn thắp lửa và kết nối khởi nghiệp cùng cuộc thi chung kết ý tưởng khởi nghiệp đại học Thái Nguyên lần thứ nhất

“Diễn đàn thắp lửa và kết nối khởi nghiệp” có sự tham dự của Lãnh đạo các sở ban ngành Thái Nguyên cùng gần 80 đơn vị đoàn đại biểu như Cục Sở hữu trí tuệ, Hiệp hội khởi nghiệp quốc gia, các tập đoàn, công ty, doanh nghiệp tư vấn với gần 1000 bạn sinh viên đến từ các trường trực thuộc Đại học Thái Nguyên. Diễn đàn đã mang lại bức tranh nhận thức tổng thể cho các nhà quản lý, các nhà kỹ sư, các nhà khoa học và các em sinh viên Đại học Thái Nguyên về quá trình khởi nghiệp, từ việc bắt đầu xây dựng ý tưởng, hiện thực hóa ý tưởng, phát triển kế hoạch thực hiện, phân tích thị trường, đến các cơ sở pháp lý cũng như những thuận lợi và thách thức mà các bạn trẻ khởi nghiệp và doanh nhân thường gặp phải
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Teaching the training course "Manager of Business Incubator center”

Two fields that SONGHAN incubator invests in developing the startup eco-system are Startup Training and Innovation
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Event “Meet startup expert 2016"

This event was organized by SONGHAN incubator and LP GROUP Law Office. The aim of this event is introducing new knowledge and experience on "Legal Issues in Business and Investment" to the Da Nang start-up community. Besides, leaders, entrepreneurs, experts, investors, and start-up sponsors could gather to create a sustainable network of partners, investors, mentors for start-up ecosystem in Da Nang as well as Central Vietnam 2017
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Bùi Hồng Linh
Bui Hong Linh
Project Manager

Ms. Linh graduated her MSc degree in Project Management from the Univeristy of Winchester, in the United Kingdom with Merit, and she had received the prestigious Vice Chancellor Scholarship. She was a Higher Education Ambassador in the UK as well as participating in many business projects as a business and organization’s consultant. Previously, she had participated in many other areas as a trainer, an inspirer, a quality manager for many international and local organizations and events. With more than 5 years of working experiences since she was in her academic years and has always been a team leader, a supervisor, Ms. Linh has been evaluated as one of the active and passionate member of the team which has contributed tremendously to the success of her organizations and projects

Trần Thị Thủy Tiên
Tran Thi Thuy Tien
Officer- General assistant

Ms. Tien graduated from the University of Foreign Language Studies - University of Danang in Business English with an Excellent degree. She has been undertaking many different positions to gain more working experiences since she was still a student. Being a person who participated in startup projects at an early stage, she has always built up a great expectation for Vietnamese startups which have been creative, dynamic, self-confident and courageous. With the passion and enthusiasm of the youth and her accumulated experiences, she is step by step raising her dignity as well as contribution to the development of the society

Trương Đức Thắng
Truong Duc Thang
Finance and Investment Executive

Mr. Thang is one of the first Vietnamese to hold both prestigious professional finance certificates which are ACCA (granted by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants of the UK) and CIA (Certified Internal Auditor granted by Institute of Internal Auditors of the US). Moreover, he has also had a MSc degree in Accounting from the University of London. He has had many years teaching and training for many international programs on accounting, auditing and especially internal audit control – a new area that not many businesses have paid enough attention to. He was an internal auditor of many big auditing companies and corporation, and also is a founder and CEO of many businesses in training, tourism and hotels

Huỳnh Thị Chu Phương
Huynh Thi Chu Phuong
Training and International Corporation

Ms. Huỳnh Thị Chu Phương graduated with a degree in International Relations and has had more than 4 years working in multi-cultural education environment as an Academic Manager, with her duties of transferring international knowledge. Moreover, she has had more than 3 years working with many NGOs such as GVN, VWAM và Live&Learn to implement many projects in Danang, focusing on environment, gender equality and community health services. She is also a founder of LearningIH project with the target of bringing equal educational opportunities for everyone through providing e-learning resolution with a reasonable price

Dương Thị Kim Quy
Duong Thi Kim Quy
Chief accountant

Ms. Quy, who has 14 years of accounting experiences, used to work as a chief accountant at Nha Hat  Tre Co., Ltd. and  Da Cham Co., Ltd. belonged to Sun Group.
Thanks to her professional skills and experience, she can carry out proficiently and quickly tasks related to the company's budget such as setting up and implementing financial policies, cash management; developing and evaluating budget plans; maintaining the company’s solvency, obtaining financial resources; disbursement, monitoring interest and principal balance; tax finalization, financial reports, etc. Besides, she is always appreciated not only for her work efficiency but also for her enthusiasm, diligence and progressive mind

Lê Thị Thanh Nga
Le Thi Thanh Nga
Communication supporting specialist

Ms. Nga is currently a senior student in the Marketing department of The University of Danang - University of Economics. She had one year of experience in sales and nearly two years of active participation at DUE Marketer Club of marketing department and Thien Van Da Nang club. In addition, she took part in market research and scientific support research. Thanks to these experiences, she has gained more knowledge and skills that can be used while working at SHi.
In SHi's dynamic working environment, she has had the opportunity to demonstrate her ability in the field of media by participating in designing and developing Shi’s Logo and organizing “Meet startup expert 2016" and many other media events