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Health care services for elderly

Location: Binh Dinh province.

Team leader: Nguyen Thanh Lai

The project aims at providing health care services for elderly through:

a, Periodical health checkup: doctors will visit the elders every week to check on them for early diagnosis and prevention.

b, Consultation on nutrition: medical staffs will call to ask and consult on nutrition program for elders.

c, Exercises instruction: Every morning, the elders can go to the service center and do exercises like yoga, tai-chi-chuan (kungfu), etc. with instructors.

d, Alarm tracking devices: the elders wear a device on their wrists which can report their health conditions to the service center. When elders have any problems, it will let the elders and the center know for immediate treatment.

This project is still at the early stage of finalizing ideas and concepts