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In the current economic background, an innovation step is needed to restructure and increase the quality of the economic growth. Along with the integration trend and the fourth industrial revolution, The Government has had many affirmative resolutions including Article 35/NQ-CP 16/05/2016 about ‘’Supporting and developing businesses until 2020’’ which has created a strong belief for business community and Article 844/QD-TTg 18/05/2016 in approving the project ‘’Supporting creative and innovative national startup ecosystem until 2025’’ of Prime Minister which has initiated development pathways for entrepreneur activities.

The founder of SONGHAN incubator, Mr. Ly Dinh Quan, a businessman with 15 years of experiences in managing and operating business, who has experienced almost every development activities of startup ecosystem, with his strategic vision, his passion for business and his continuing support for the business community. Throughout this process, he has recognized the opportunity to develop independent startup; in order to promote entrepreneurship and create more personal, business and community’s values, he has decided to establish SONGHAN incubator with his team.


Song Han

Logo’s meaning

It is combined the main images of a light, a fire and a bud as a way to represent creativity and growth, which can widespread entrepreneurship and create young businessmen. The name of the Han River is attached as a Danang’s place name with the famous bridges which will burst the vitality for young businesses along with the ambitions of pushing Vietnam businesses to the world in this fast-paced integration trend of Vietnam